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PostSubject: SEARCHING GAME MASTER EVENT   Sun Mar 27, 2011 12:56 am

Greetings to all VR players!!
Another event for you guys to improve our community.
This is your chance to shine being a game master.


1. You just have to invite more players to increase our population.
A minimum of 50 players!

2. Participants must have to pm the admin in game name(IGN) of the recruited player.
Take note: DO NOT FOOL US!We have ways to check the truthfulness of your entries.

Please be one with us in helping increase our population!

Should you require additional information:
Feel free to send an email to

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PostSubject: Suggestion of 50 recruits for GM position validation   Thu Mar 31, 2011 12:20 pm

GM, this idea came out when I deeply thought of the privelage that is hanging in game; Being a GM!.. but first, we should consider those players doesnt have any YM accounts and fore those Players let say "Bata". How can they msg you GM if they dont have that YM accounts, since we Know that YM is for chatting. Im thinking, and suggesting that the recruiter must fill that responsibility not the recuites. "Example: If i recuited 50 players, i should take down their IGN names or USERNAME (not included the password) list them and send the list to the desired GM for evaluation of the 50 recruits. Thats the time the validation will take place if the accounts are active or not. This is only a suggestion, Not to be complied.. Thanks and more power...

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