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 In Game Rules

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PostSubject: In Game Rules   Wed Mar 30, 2011 6:01 pm

Simple rules of this server:

1. Using Hacks or Exploits and Abusing Bugs and problems.
2. Names with GM infront of their character names.
3. Advertising Other Server or Games (in forum or game).
4. Impersonating GameMasters and Admins.
5. Bad Words against SERVER and Game Masters.
6. Used of third party program is not allowed.
7. Illegal trading is prohibited.
Current List of Illegal Trading:
* RV item for real money is illegal
* RV item for item in another server is illegal
* RV account for real money is illegal
* RV characters for characters in another server is illegal
* RV item / gold for load is illegal
* Cel Card for RV item / gold is illegal
* Gold for real money is illegal
* Gold in RV for item / gold in another server is illegal

Do it at your own risk, we the Admin and staff are not responsible for any scam or hack that will happen to your account.

The bottom line is that we want RAN VULNERABLE server to be a fun and safe environment for all players.
We’ve done everything we can to give you great games but now it’s up to you, the players, to breathe life into these worlds.

Thank You!
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In Game Rules
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